The Secret to User Adoption

Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

There’s one question that will dictate if any software solution is the right fit: Is the system working for you, or are you working for it? Odds are, user adoption won't occur until you find something that does all of the heavy lifting.

As remarked upon in the 2017 Internet Trends Report, software users expect whatever they buy to be not only easy-to-use but also well-designed and reliable.

With customer expectations mirroring those of consumer applications, enterprise software solutions are taking note. Delivery methods in 2017 are now cloud-based, UX is personalized, and AI/ML is unlimited. And for the companies involved, their growth engines are product-centric, as purchase decisions are made from the bottom up.

As a result, design is becoming more and more important for enterprise software teams, as there are now more designers to support the number of developers. The ratio of designers to developers at enterprise companies is increasing as consumer tech teaches people to expect better interfaces.

The problem with CRM

In the world of CRM software, these insights are perpetually ignored, as adoption is a never-ending problem. CRMs keep failing their users because they require a lot of manual work and upkeep. No one has the time or resources to hire a consultant for good implementation, train the team, and invest in more customization and integrations.

The only antidote to the lack of adoption is better usability.

If businesses keep buying CRMs that are not built to make users’ jobs easier, their teams will continue NOT to use it and the adoption problem will never go away.

If this is such a big problem, how is nobody talking about this?

No one talks about how much they hate their CRM, and all the ways it’s coming up short. Maybe because they don’t want to appear to have made a bad decision? Maybe because they still want to make their financial and time investment work? Maybe because they think the usability problem is a reflection of their team, not the software? Maybe because they don’t know that there’s another option, a better way?

How ProsperWorks is solving the adoption crisis

As enterprise teams are adjusting their products to make them more design-focused and user-friendly, we’ve already hit the ground running. Our customers say it themselves, “ProsperWorks’ simple UX and design are huge reasons why it was adopted so easily.”

ProsperWorks built a CRM that is simple, beautiful, easy to navigate, doesn’t require manual data entry or make you do repetitive tedious tasks - it is the CRM that your team will actually love to use.

Rather than using band-aids like consultants, training, expensive customization, and more integrations to fix an inherently bad CRM experience, why not solve the problem by using a CRM that your team will actually use. Find out more here.

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