Why UI is Critical for User Adoption

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Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

CRMs have a reputation for being ugly - both inside and out. Not only are they difficult to use, but their core UIs are often just a database with a form slapped over it. It’s no wonder user adoption is such a problem.

User Interface (UI) is critical to the success or failure of a product in any market. Implementations fail when users have to compensate for a clunky user interface and confusing processes.

So, what makes for a good UI that can increase user adoption?

The best interfaces are almost invisible to the user. They avoid unnecessary elements and are clear in the language they use on labels and in messaging. Careful placement of items can help draw attention to the most important pieces of information and can aid scanning and readability.

Patterns in language, layout and design throughout any UI help facilitate efficiency. They enable users to have a better understanding of how things will work, increasing both adoption and efficiency. Once a user learns how to do something, they should feel confident that they can do it again, and be able to transfer that skill to other parts of the system.

A good UI will have break complex tasks down into simple steps, allowing users to work better and faster. Users will be able to complete things that are complicated with ease. The more their expectations prove right, the more they will feel in control of the system and the more they will like it.

What takes UI to the next level? Having it be a part of the tools users are already using so it doesn’t have to be the main, daily interface. It’s just automatically incorporated into how they are already working.

In the world of sales, selling becomes even harder when reps are forced to navigate through CRM systems that are difficult to understand. Imagine how much better life would be if using a CRM was just… super easy.

ProsperWorks invests heavily in creating a simple UI so we can deliver CRM that teams will actually use. We were built using Google’s material design principles so it looks and feels exactly like the G Suite apps. We have a simple, clean, and beautiful interface makes navigating ProsperWorks easy and familiar. And best of all, there’s no implementation or training required - we empower our users so that they can tackle something as complex as a CRM on their own.

Find out more about how we’re making complicated CRMs a thing of the past here.

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