What Sales Leaders Can Do to Reflect on 2017

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Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

If you’re a sales leader, you know you are only as good as your latest number. As you determine how to set you and your team up for success next year, don’t forget to look back at the data from the last 12 months and reflect on your performance.

Use the last few weeks of the year to ask yourself questions like…

Have you fostered the growth and development of your reps?
As a sales leader, your top priority is your team. Without the ability to address your team’s weaknesses and accelerate their strengths, productivity and job satisfaction are both at risk. Each and every rep you manage should have exhibited professional growth and an appropriate amount of revenue contribution - otherwise you're doing something wrong. 

How is your cross-collaboration with other teams?
As revealed by CSO Insight’s 2016 Sales Enablement Optimization Study, the connection between cross-functional collaboration and sales enablement appears to be unhealthy for most companies. To drive both employee engagement and customer satisfaction, you need to ensure your team’s ties to the rest of the company are as strong as ever.

Are you leveraging marketing as good as you could be?
On that same note, marketing is one of your team’s strongest allies. Not knowing when prospects interact with you is a hinderance to your sales process. Implementing a marketing and sales solution offers quick insights when prospects browse your website, read an article or download a white paper. At the same time, this alignment will ensure that marketing hands over only quality leads.

Have you been proactive with customer needs?
Now that customers are empowered and educated more than ever, selling off scripts or pushing too much information down their throats will not end in a deal closed. Make sure your team is equipped to handle the requests of customers with a unique, tailored approach that adds value to your product or service.

How much are you leveraging data?
While experience and your gut feeling may be useful in guiding sales decisions, you need data to back up your reasoning. Accessing relevant data for forecasting is now standard in today’s technology age - ensure you have a tech stack that allows you to have the information and visibility you need to make informed decisions.

Are you burdening your team with admin work?
Reps spend 75% of their time on non-selling activities like manually entering data fields or updating contact information. But with modern sales apps (like a CRM that automates data entry) this can be dramatically reduced.

How important was 2017 to you and your business?
Did you maintain a perfect, quota-hitting winning streak, or were there areas you could improve in? Take the time to schedule a meeting with your entire team, where you highlight the success of your team as a whole, while recognizing individual reps who performed admirably. From there, you can determine what you should try to replicate next year, and what to leave behind.

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