What Sales Reps Can Do to Reflect on 2017

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Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

Day in and day out, the lifecycle of a hardworking sales rep tends to look the same - you make calls, send emails, and (hopefully) close a few deals. And while repetition can often be the key to success, you should constantly reflect back on your personal performance throughout the sales process.

As we come closer to 2018, think about what helped you to succeed over the last year while considering what caused things to slip through the cracks. Some examples of what to review?

The deals you closed, and the deals you lost

Won or lost, the best sales reps make it a priority to analyze their performance after each deal. Maybe you closed more deals because you provided a specific case study, or you lost a few because you didn’t convey the value proposition strongly enough. Take the time to analyze these patterns in your sales process so you can head into the new year to make changes for the better.

Your metrics
Along with determining what behavioral tactics are working and which aren’t, it’s also important to be aware of your personal sales metrics. Analytics provide deeper insights from your workflow, such as activity level volume, the average length of your sales cycle, and so on. By digging into the numbers and watching out for things that may be problematic, you can make serious improvements around how you work in 2018.

What others have to say
A lot of the time, it’s hard to objectively see what you’re doing wrong or right. That’s when an outside opinion (from a sales trainer or mentor) and some coaching can be incredibly valuable in pushing you to improve. Think about it - the best athletes in the world would have a hard time performing well without a team of coaches shaping them to the best of their abilities.

Self-reflection is never easy, but for sales reps, knowledge of your own skills can be the difference between closing a deal, and losing it. By taking the time to work with a sales coach, look at sales metrics, and analyze your own results, you’ll be able to understand your true abilities in order to improve and grow as a sales professional.

Once you identify what behaviors in 2017 led to success, and what may have caused you to go off track, you can align your upcoming weeks, months, and quarters accordingly. If you had a rough 2017, don’t let it get you down - 2018 is a whole new experience!

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