How ProsperWorks Became Google for Work’s First and Only Recommended CRM

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We’re super excited that yesterday Google Apps for Work chose ProsperWorks as their first and only recommended CRM in the newly launched Google for Work Partner Program. We’re incredibly proud of our progress and we couldn’t have done it without the feedback from our customers and the tireless team at ProsperWorks.

So why did Google choose ProsperWorks?

The answer is integration and security. As businesses move to bleeding edge, cloud-based productivity platforms like Google Apps, these two requirements become ever more important.

When it comes to integration, ProsperWorks has tight integration with Google from both a technical and design perspective. We’ve built our CRM for Google from the ground up using their Material Design system, which makes the user experience as simple and delightful as the Google experience you use everyday. We also have seamless integration with the entire Google Apps ecosystem — from Google Docs to Drive to Calendar. In the security realm, we’ve complied with Google’s security requirements, making us fit to serve everyone from the largest enterprises to the smallest businesses.

Being recognized by Google as a frontrunner in the CRM space is a huge honor and responsibility. This partnership cements Google and ProsperWorks’ commitment to improving workforce productivity and creating a unified platform for managing all your business needs. We will continue to drive towards our ultimate goal: creating value for our customers through our CRM!


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