Why a mobile CRM is critical to your business

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Gabrielle Hughes
Content Marketing Manager

We all know how indispensable CRM strategies are in today's business world. From improved customer retention rates to reduced marketing expenditures, the benefits are never-ending.

With the rise of mobile technology and telecommuting, mobile CRM is perfect for those on-the-go, since it provides vital access to sophisticated, customized information on the field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 24% of employees did some or all of their work from home in 2015 - this figure is up more than 20% since 2003. The BLS went on to predict that more than 105 million Americans will telecommute by 2020.

The great news from all these stats is ProsperWorks offers both an Android and an iOS app. Visit the iTunes or Android store to download our app, but if you’re still on the fence about this approach, here are four reasons why utilizing mobile CRM is critical.

More work completed

Constant access to client information means that time away from the office doesn't necessarily have to be "away from the office." Being connected to CRM software from anywhere allows your team to be far more productive.

A recent study by Nucleus Research found that mobile access to a CRM increases team productivity by an average of 14.6% with a further 3 in 10 mobile CRM users reporting productivity improvement by more than 20%.

So how are teams using ProsperWorks on the go? With our app, users can update notes and information on the road or in between meetings, and even assign tasks to colleagues straight from their device! Users can also @mention their boss to keep them in the loop on the events of the day. This is one of our newest features on iOS and Android!

More deals closed

At the end of the day, a more productive sales rep means a healthier sales pipeline.

Research by Innoppl Technologies shows that 65% of sales reps who work at companies with a mobile CRM have achieved their sales quotas, as opposed to just 22% of reps from non-mobile CRM enabled companies.

With mobile CRM, customer data is at your fingertips, along with the tools to respond fast and increase numbers. This can help employees close deals in less time with fewer interactions - allowing you to spend more time prospecting or working on new sales opportunities.

Information in real-time

Many companies already allow employees to work on the go, or complete tasks while out and about. Unfortunately, this might mean information about a deal isn't updated until your reps get back to the office. Mobile CRM prevents that from happening.

Through integrations with the cloud, any interaction an employee has with a customer can be immediately documented in the mobile CRM. In turn, there’s no wait for information to be uploaded on site. If a rep is out of the office and customer calls in before he or she returns, every other rep will already have access to the customer’s updated information, as the rep can log those changes while on the go.

Users can also check contact activity feed in the ProsperWorks app before heading into meetings. With this, they can refresh their memory on previous interactions in with a client so they go in fully prepared.

Faster data collection

Before mobile CRM, orders taken on the road had to either be called in or put on hold until they could be entered at the office. Now, you can place orders right into the system as soon they’re agreed upon. In turn, production and shipping can get started immediately so clients receive their products or services in a more timely manner.

A company's CRM strategy can make or break their bottom line, so it's important not to ignore important trends. CRM has made its way to mobile, and businesses that hope to be successful must make the move with it. It's the only way to ensure a successful CRM strategy in 2017. Download the ProsperWorks mobile app on the iTunes or Android store and get your team on the path to success!

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