Best Small Business CRM

Stimulate Growth and Better Understand Your Customers with the Best Small Business CRM

Customer relationship management is at the heart of any business destined for success. A satisfied customer is likely to be a repeat customer who refers others in their network to be the same. But establishing an effective CRM program often discourages small business owners and entrepreneurs as the knowledge, resources, and major components of establishing a database were beyond reasonable resources to institute and maintain the software.

There’s enough hard work involved in owning a business. Adding challenges just to establish better relationships, develop customer service, and meet customer’s needs shouldn’t be one more burden. ProsperWorks designed a CRM platform that provided small business owners a simple solution to have a better understanding of customers decision making processes - while developing better processes to stimulate your growth, revenue, and better overall business health.

As Google’s best and only officially-recommended small business CRM, you receive features like:

  • Integration streamlined to work with the entire simple to use portfolio of Google Apps - like Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Docs, and Drive
  • A truly mobile, cross-device platform – to view and update contacts and opportunities from anywhere, on any device, anytime
  • Better data with better insights – eliminating painful manual work for common tasks and adding automation for up-to-date information resulting in accurate reporting, and forecasting
  • 360º visibility into productivity - real-time activity feed of everything your business is working on like a new opportunity added, a logged phone call, a lead status change, or a completed task

Learn how ProsperWorks can get you up and running in under 10 minutes with no new processes to learn (really) - begin your 14-day risk-free trial today.