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Manage your Contacts with Google Gmail and CRM

Gmail is where most of us do business and communicate with our colleagues, clients, and investors, so it’s a vitally important resource. As a zero-input Customer Relationship Management (CRM), our philosophy at ProsperWorks is to automate as much of your workflow as possible. Our CRM is friendly with and works seamlessly within Google mail to manage your contact relationships right inside your inbox.  

We know our users use Gmail as an everyday tool, and that’s why we built the ProsperWorks Chrome Extension. We firmly believe that increased productivity means you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business and increasing your revenues.

Together, ProsperWorks CRM and Gmail:

  • Grow sales and increase lead conversion rates by up to 29%
  • Automate reliable and accurate data entry
  • Build stronger relationships crucial to your growing business
  • Funnel leads into campaigns
  • Automate nurturing routines

Get started in minutes with your free 14-day trial. We play well with others and we are more than just buddy-buddy with Google Mail.  We are BFFs.