Contact Management

Keep Your Team on Top of Every Prospect with Better Contact Management

While a good contact management system can increase productivity and streamline workflow – a great one knows how to best utilize the tools your team already uses everyday. With increasing competition, the most critical business goals often land at the feet of the sales team.

ProsperWorks built their entire CRM platform on both working the right CRM into your sales process and bringing relationship intelligence to Google Apps for Work customers by automatically syncing your Google Contacts, Google Calendar events, linking with Google Drive, and your Gmail. The end goal being to provide a complete central location for your team to discover new insight with every contact, conversation, meeting, lead, vendor and client.

With contact management software from ProsperWorks, you can anticipate your sales team to:

  • Stay on top of every prospect, helping move them effectively toward the close
  • Identify, track, optimize, and nurture opportunities and sales leads – right from their inbox.
  • Create advanced dashboards, reports, charts and graphs to better understand what is working in their process and what's not

Get started in under 10 minutes – as easy to use as Gmail. Enjoy your risk free 14-day trial today.