Contact Management App

Discover New Insights with the Contact Management App Built for Google

While there are many choices for contact management apps, time and effort is often needed for sales teams to learn these new systems. But there is a CRM solution that they can use now and is as uncomplicated as opening their inbox.

ProsperWorks built a CRM that was built on two founding principles: no complicated learning processes and direct deep integration to Google Apps for Work customers. This created a powerful solution for sales teams to discover new insights with every contact, meeting, conversation, lead, vendor and client. In turn, ProsperWorks is the #1 recommended CRM by Google, used by Google themselves.

With the top contact management app for Google, you get features like:

  • Automatic syncing to your Google Contacts, Calendar events, Google Drive, and your Gmail
  • A seamless, cross-device experience born on Google Material Design principles and vigorous security standards
  • CRM Chrome Extension that helps you identify, track, and optimize opportunities and sales leads – right from your inbox.
  • Export from any dataset to Google Sheets to create advanced dashboards, reports, charts, and graphs

Start today to a powerful zero-touch CRM solution. Click to check out your ProsperWorks free, 14-day CRM trial.