#1 Customer Relationship Management for G Suite

For G Suite, the #1 CRM is ProsperWorks

For a CRM to be truly valuable, it has to be utilized. Give your team a CRM that they will actually want to use and will enable them to identify and capitalize on opportunities.

As the recommended CRM for G Suite, ProsperWorks is the CRM that Google uses themselves. Offering more useful integrations with G Suite than any other product, your team isn’t wasting time learning new processes. Workflow becomes seamless with the tools they already know and use. Having your valuable CRM information shown in context with your favorite G Suite apps makes it as simple to use as Gmail, Docs, Calendar and the rest of the G Suite.

Your team will want to use ProsperWorks CRM because:

  • They will simply maximizing the tools they already use everyday
  • It has intuitive optimization for their sales processes - from prospecting to closing
  • They close deals faster because they can keep prospects nurtured and customers close with less organizational effort
  • It eliminates hidden costs and lengthy implementations.

ProsperWorks provides easy integration with G Suite. Get your free trial today to learn how ProsperWorks is your choice for a CRM for G Suite.

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