ProsperWorks is the CRM For Gmail

Recommended G-Suite CRM for Gmail, Docs, and the Entire Google Apps Portfolio

Stop swapping between your inbox and other tools. Merge the most powerful cloud-based, cross-platform features available today, with full feature tools - into a simple solution G-Suite CRM for Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar and the rest of the Google Apps portfolio you already use every day.

Building and nurturing strong relationships, along with managing your sales pipeline to ensure both short and long-term revenue goals are met is crucial to your growing business. Setting your team up for success also means transitioning to a more efficient process. More time and better visuals contribute to both team and individual goals - unifying everyones experience and increasing success.

ProsperWorks CRM is capable of:

  • Funneling leads into campaigns
  • Automating nurturing routines
  • Tracking conversion metrics and interfacing with ordering and accounting systems
  • Creating a complete sales machine

ProsperWorks is the Customer Relationship Management tool made for Gmail and all G-suite products. Start growing your sales and increase lead conversion rates with ProsperWorks free 14 day trial today.

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