CRM for Google Apps

Get the CRM for Google Apps that Google Recommends - and Uses

When you're looking for a CRM for Google Apps integration, choose the one that one of the most valuable companies in the world uses. Born in the cloud and built for Google Apps - Google both recommends and uses ProsperWorks for their very own CRM solution.

Google Apps for Work was designed to advance communication, collaboration, and productivity across work teams. ProsperWorks blends a streamlined solution for your workflow with a CRM teams actually love to use. Integrating with your Google Apps couldn’t be easier. ProsperWorks eliminates swapping between your inbox and other tools, puts an end to manual data entry, and provides intuitive solutions to help users make better overall decisions.

When you use ProsperWorks CRM for Google Apps you can anticipate:

  • Sales growth - increase conversion rates by 29%.
  • Automated and accurate data entry
  • No setup or training fees – get started in minutes

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