Crm Integration with Google Apps

Provide CRM Integration with Google Apps to Keep Sales Reps Selling

Make it easier for your business to collaborate and communicate for success with the #1 CRM integration with Google Apps.

Sales reps are the lifeblood for any business. Keeping them chained to inputting data, locating back-story info on clients to prepare for meetings and contact, or doing anything other than converting existing leads into closed sales, building relationships for long term success, staying on top of revenue opportunities, and getting more prospects down the sales funnel – is a waste of their time, your money, and everyone's efforts. Give your reps the tools they need to help your business succeed.

ProsperWorks offers both the simplest, and the most dynamic CRM tools that have the technical chops to be the #1 CRM built, recommended by, and used by Google because we:

  • Are made for Google -work your leads and accounts without ever leaving your inbox and with seamless integrations with existing workflows
  • Drive sales – by automating tedious tasks and manual data entry so you can sell more, faster
  • Provide visibility -know exactly what your team is working on and how effective the activity is
  • Are mobile – access in real time from wherever your reps needs to be and when they need it
  • Offer security – the highest industry set standards protects your data and your customers info

Get started on your risk-free trial and see why ProsperWorks is the CRM reps want to use.