CRM Online

CRM – So Much Cooler Online

Remember Brad Paisley's song "Online"? He's right, somethings are way cooler online and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is one of them.  At ProsperWorks, we are the only CRM built especially for Google Apps, that is also recommended and used by Google. 

ProsperWorks is an online app that your teams will actually love to use. We are a CRM that lives within the Google system, so that you don't need to go between different apps.

With ProsperWorks' CRM: 

  • Organize and Identify and qualify prospects and determine what prospects need 
  • No system administrator or IT department is needed 
  • Teams can quickly modify and administer as needed 
  • Have clear visibility and transparency in your sales pipeline

Better sales is about better data.  Download our ProsperWorks Playbook today.