CRM Platform

The Blow-Your-Mind CRM Platform Teams Have Been Searching For

From tiny businesses to massive enterprises - businesses grow when they maintain healthy relationships with their customers. For your local deli, that might mean a quick chat to go with your Reuben. But for companies with more complex operations, a CRM platform is often essential.

When inventing a quality CRM, ProsperWorks' goal was to invent a tip-of-the-spear, cloud-based, simple-to-use platform that would dominate the CRM landscape, blow the minds of its users, and have tight integration with all things Google. The result is now the #1 most-recommended CRM platform by Google - one that they even use themselves. Sales teams of all sizes, across all industries, benefit from the most effective way to manage meaningful relationships with customers.

With ProsperWorks CRM platform receive:

  • Clean user interface that can be picked up without training
  • Seamless workflow integration with the entire Google apps suite - Gmail, Drive, Calendar, docs and more
  • Centralized information - everything needed to boost sales, step up productivity, nurture relationships, qualify leads, and manage all day-to-day activities
  • Useful, customizable options for sales force automation, marketing automation, order management, sales forecasting, and more

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