CRM with Google Calendar

Integrate Google Calendar with your CRM for a Productive Year

A digital calendar enhances productivity in our increasingly busy lives. Because most Gmail users prefer Google Calendar, Google Calendar has become a critical business tool and a popular choice for a personal schedule manager. ProsperWorks CRM integrates perfectly with Google calendar to help you stay organized and keep all of your activities in sync.

Downloaded and used daily by millions, Google Calendar has many undiscovered features. Our goal at ProsperWorks is to help you get the most out of apps like Google Calendar, and use those apps in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy.

Google Calendar CRM

Here are a few of Google Calendar’s hidden time-saving features which the ProsperWorks Team has found to be fantastic productivity accelerators:

  • Quick Add: Allows you to quickly “add” an event to your calendar without having to manually search for the date and time of that event
  • World Clock: If you frequently deal with clients based overseas, the World Clock feature is a perfect addition for you to easily keep track of their local time
  • Daily Agenda Sent to You via Email or Text: Receive a Daily Agenda so that you can see what your day looks like the very first thing in the morning, or even check it quickly on your commute
  • View Your Personal Calendar on Your Work Calendar: Connect your personal calendar with your business calendar to conveniently track your personal dates/times all within your business account
  • Suggested Times: If you’ve ever attempted to set up a meeting with multiple people from your team, we all know what a hassle it can be to find a time that fits everyone’s schedule
  • Offer Appointment Slots: Allows you to select your available time range and then let your clients select the slots that fit their schedule

We all want quick, daily time savers for our busy schedule. ProsperWorks is ready to partner with you to take on every aspect of your customer relationship management - including getting the most out of every day, month, and year. Start your free trial today!

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