CRM with Google Sheets

A Compatible CRM with Google Sheets, Docs, Gmail and the Entire Google Apps Suite

Think about that client you forgot to call back and lost to the competition. Or the lead that you never followed up with. There becomes a point where you can no longer store every lead, client and qualified potential customer in your head, or even on a spreadsheet.

Without a better system, you limit or even stall your growth potential. By choosing ProsperWorks as your customer relationship management (CRM) solution, you can easily integrate a system that leverages customer information and insights with communication. This G Suite-compatible CRM works right with Google Sheets, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and the entire Google App Suite of tools you have been using everyday.

ProsperWorks can:

  • Build complex custom analytics and dashboards around your CRM data
  • Summarize sales activities and roll up sales results by day, week, month or quarter
  • Quantify results, but also help visualize them, providing insights into past trends and future forecasts.

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