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Stop Sifting Through CRM's Online: Pull the Trigger with Google's Choice

You can’t have a conference call every day, you just need insight into you pipeline when you need it. Time for a single pipeline manager - in one place! But, with the seemingly hundreds of options for CRMs online how can you know you’re choosing the best option for your business?

Think about what your customers would want. At the end of the day, taking care of them, and giving the people in your business the tools to so better – is how any business succeeds. Customer issues are hard to track, riddled with who said what, combined with the information trail - is a key point for better organization and customer service. If your teams are pulling together emails and meetings notes from all the people involved in a customer issue, you are feeding off inefficiency and likely - inaccuracy. This can lead to a difficult conversation due to a lack of information about the history of the problem at hand. If you aren’t taking care of the customers you’ve got now, you might as well shut the doors, because new prospects coming in won’t be happy either.

ProsperWorks offers you the #1 recommended CRM solution that provides:

  • Easy, seamless integration in minutes with no learn time and teams use their favorite Google apps like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, and more
  • Robust, simple to use visuals for insight to your entire sales pipeline and reports and analytics to properly forecast and determine where your contacts are in their process
  • Intuitive Insight for better action plans and strategies to define the ways your customers respond best when creating nurturing, meaningful relationships that differentiate you from your competition

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