Daily Sales Report

CRM with Daily Sales Reports

Using a dynamic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program to increase sales is smart. But how do you really know if better data is translating into better sales? ProsperWorks gives powerful insights and daily sales reports for key business metrics. Integrating a CRM will give you a 37% improvement in sales forecasting accuracy. In addition to helping customers identify how much revenue they will be driving, ProsperWorks daily sales reporting gives you the data you need to optimize your systems and performance.

In real time, ProsperWorks can see any activities that are important for their business. Custom activities options allow users to add to default “Phone Call”, “Meeting”, “Calendar Events” and “Sent Emails” activities. Users can also create activities based on your unique business processes.

In turn, ProsperWorks’ Activity Reports help you answer these questions about you and your team’s sales activities:

  • Which sales reps had the most and least calls yesterday?
  • How many emails did we send this week?
  • Is the velocity of my business increasing or decreasing?
Better customer relationship management results in better sales. We provide the daily reports you need to confirm your success. Sign up for your free trial of ProsperWorks today.

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