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While good CRM tools can increase productivity and streamline workflow – a great one knows how to best utilize the tools you use everyday. Truly efficient and dynamic CRM tools eliminate hard-to-learn, time-consuming tasks, putting the focus square on what’s most important: meaningful relationships with customers.

ProsperWorks uniquely integrates with your favorite Google Apps like Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Docs and Drive. Setup takes less than 10 minutes - and no training is needed. It’s so good even Google uses it as their CRM. 

As the #1 CRM for Google Apps, you get features like:

  • Robust security standards
  • A seamless cross-device experience born in the cloud and built on Google Material Design principles
  • CRM Chrome Extension that helps you identify, track, and optimize opportunities and sales leads – right from your inbox
  • The ability to export from any dataset to Google Sheets to create advanced dashboards, reports, charts and graphs

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