G Suite Content Management

G Suite Content and Contact Management for Better Collaboration

Contact management and content management actually go hand in hand for visibility into deal velocity and critical forecasting insights. To be a truly dynamic CRM, data has to be organized and facilitated to be relevant, and support multiple users working in a collaborative environment, for the development of better contact management. Simply having a bunch of data on your contacts doesn’t make it useful information. From project, task, and workflow management, to customer management, the entire enterprise needs organized, relevant content to be successful and efficient.

ProsperWorks has an edge over the rest of the CRM competition because of the usability of the real-time intuitive data it puts in front of you. Data should be streamlined and intuitive to organize sales data, gain intelligence on customer leads, and automate the sales process. As you are searching for the best G Suite content management solutions consider ProsperWorks user interface was one of the first to adopt Google’s Material Design to create a unified user experience across the web app, mobile apps, and Chrome extension - offering a unified platform for managing all of your business needs.

ProsperWorks combined with Google’s entire app ecosystem succeeds in our mission of improving workforce productivity by:

  • Supporting multiple users working in a collaborative environment with relevant, easy to access, organized, intuitive data
  • Automatically linking all related emails, Google Calendar events and Google Drive files with your ProsperWorks contacts – with zero-touch data entry and Gmail integration
  • Providing powerful and collaborative data analysis with Google Sheets Add-on - export any dataset directly to Google Sheets to create advanced dashboards, reports, charts and graphs

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