G Suite CRM System

A G Suite CRM System that You'll Want to Use

Most of us know we should be using a CRM system - or, we already have one. So why do so many CRM systems fail to do everything they said they could do? One word: Adoption.

CRM systems struggle with adoption for a because no one wants to do more work. Bring your sales team to life with a G Suite CRM System designed to speed up and simplify your workflow. ProsperWorks was built to seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use every day. Everything a successful sales team needs is put right in front of them through the entire Google Apps suite.  It's as simple to use as Gmail, but more importantly, it's a CRM you'll actually use.

ProsperWorks has all the features you would expect from a Google recommended G Suite CRM system:

  • Pipeline management
  • Reporting
  • Forecasting
  • Task automation

Start your journey towards a CRM you will actually use - get your free ProsperWorks trial today.