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Sync Gmail Contacts with CRM

Being "In-Sync" is always a good thing.The ability to two-way sync between Google contacts and ProsperWorks' CRM is our #1 most requested feature. We offer automatic two-way syncing between ProsperWorks' and Google contacts so you don't spend another second wondering if you are viewing the most updated version of your contact's information.

ProsperWorks keeps you in sync with all your favorite G Suite apps, connecting with your Google account to analyze your most recent conversations and meetings. It then suggests the people who look most important, while allowing you to have the final decision as far who is tracked or not. We make it easy to quickly categorize and add them to your contact list, that way you can enjoy meeting new prospects. You’ll save hours from manually keeping their information up to date.

Sync ProsperWorks and Google Contacts and:

  • You will always be sure the phone number and details for your customer is the most current
  • Changes you make in ProsperWorks will be updated in Google Contacts
  • Changes you make to your Google contacts will automatically sync back to ProsperWorks
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