Google Apps for Business

Combine the Usability of Google Apps for Business with the Power of The Best CRM

The rise of the cloud has permanently changed the traditional model of sales. Now an entirely new approach and skill set has become necessary to turn one-time customers into repeat clientele in a new tech savvy universe. Using previously siloed data and turning it to an insightful and easily accessible workflow has become pertinent in creating better sales strategies and processes.

What hasn’t changed is that a relationship-focused sales team best understands how to target customers, hone in on their needs, address their struggles, and meet their customers bottom line on an ongoing basis. Technology doesn’t take away from the human contact needed to close the sale, but it sure can benefit both sides of the coin in identifying pain points and the asking the right questions.

ProsperWorks meets and exceeds traditional CRM capabilities by:

  • Seamlessly integrating with existing workflows and your favorite Google Apps for business you use everyday for your sales management
  • Automating processes and eliminating tedious data entry
  • Managing your day to day activities and setting reminders
  • Gathering helpful and customized reports using transparent, real-time, true metrics
  • Keeping important information in a central location accessible with any device and the strictest security guidelines in the industry

As Google’s very own CRM, trust ProsperWorks to help you develop sales relationships that are here for the long-haul. Begin your risk-free trial today.