Google Apps for Sales

Utilize Google Apps for Sales to Improve Your Customer Offer

Knowledge is power. With competition tougher than ever, sales teams need to close fast or customers will start looking somewhere else. Luckily, you can work smarter and harder by streamlining processes, staying in sync, and having the right information at your fingertips. By utilizing Google Apps for your Sales Processes and ProsperWorks as your CRM, you combine a system you already use with technology that brings it all together.

As one of the world's most valuable companies, Google recommends ProsperWorks as the #1 CRM available, while utilizing it themselves. ProsperWorks merges seamlessly with the entire Google Apps suite to leverage your big data, mobility, and real-time computing to help sales teams close more deals faster, while providing sales leaders with accurate forecasting and unprecedented visibility into their sales pipeline.

Google Apps and ProsperWorks CRM work together by:

  • Harnessing the power, flexibility, and simplicity of integrating with the entire Google Apps Suite including Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Drive, and more
  • Building instant metrics showing visual reports on various aspects of your business to both visualize and quantify insight into past trends and future forecasts
  • Summarizing sales activities and rolling up sales results by day, week, month or quarter
  • Offering robust security standards and seamless cross-device experience built on Google Material Design principles

Try ProsperWorks risk free for 14-days and see the difference knowledge and organization can bring to your growth.