Google Apps Partner

Deliver Cutting Edge Customer Care with Google Apps Partner CRM Solution

A CRM has to be adopted and utilized to achieve its goal of selling through organization, efficiency,  and through deeper and relevant customer relationships. ProsperWorks seamlessly integrates with the entire Google Apps ecosystem - from Gmail and Calendar to Docs and Drive – to bring you a Google Apps partner CRM solution that gets teams started in minutes with the tools they already use.

The sales process is becoming smarter because it involves more data and intricate tasks. That is a primary reason why ProsperWorks CRM solution had to be driven by automation. The entire motive behind using our CRM solution is to expedite its functionality. With intuitive intelligence as an advanced aspect of our CRM, it helps sales people to be highly productive and hence, stay highly focused on delivering cutting-edge customer experiences.

With ProsperWorks CRM solution as your Google Apps partner, receive:

  • A clean user interface and no complicated, time strained training due to deep integration with the entire Google Work portfolio
  • The dependability of the #1 recommended CRM built for Google Apps, and the CRM that they themselves use.
  • A CRM solution your team will want to use
  • Vital visuals needed to monitor performance, pipeline management, reporting, forecasting, task automation, and much more

Get started with the Google Apps partner solution that you have been searching for – try our 14-day, risk-free trial today.