Google Apps Partners

Why we are the First Endorsed CRM Google Apps Partner 

When Google announced us as a Google Apps Partner, we were honored - we purpose-built ProsperWorks for Google from the ground up using Google Material Design. When they announced us as the #1 CRM recommended by Google, we were ecstatic that our efforts to have the tightest integration with the entire Google Apps ecosystem was appreciated. But when Google became our customer – that was humbling.

While we are thrilled to have them as a ProsperWorks premier customer, this also meant in addition to continuing to strive for a better CRM to encompass all parts of the sales process — prospecting, qualifying, marketing strategy, follow-up, even working remotely – we also had to keep our nose to the grindstone. We now had a huge customer base of small and medium size businesses depending on us for better sales management solutions - and the perspective of an end user by one of the most valuable companies in the world - on a daily basis. This also kept us focused on scaling for any size business from sales teams of one to Fortune 500 companies.

When Google became a ProsperWorks customer the benefits of the average end user multiplied because:

  • Our security meets Google’s stringent standards for cloud solutions
  • The product feedback loop is tighter
  • Integrations between the two systems will continue to grow and is accelerated for success

Come try ProsperWorks risk-free for 14 days and start shaking your tail feathers.