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Adopt Google Contact Manager Software You Can Fall in Love With

Fall in love with your CRM? It may sound absurd, but it can happen.

The best Google contact manager software is the one that integrates best with your workflow. While there are plenty of good CRM software choices that will integrate with G Suite, only one is the recommended CRM by Google themselves.

ProsperWorks was built on the foundation that a CRM doesn’t need users to learn a slew of complicated new processes. Instead, it utilizes the apps that Google already perfected, and made a CRM that is as easy to use as Gmail. It also links and syncs intuitive data automatically, and allows users to gain more insight and time to cultivate better customer relationships.

With ProsperWorks as your Google contact management software:

  • Work with your CRM without leaving your inbox – with the Chrome extension plug-in works straight from your Gmail
  • Utilize the very tools you use everyday – Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and the entire G Suite portfolio
  • Create drag-and-drop pipelines, displayed in an easy-to-understand, visual format that allows opportunities to be moved between stages
  • Use custom tags to label and search for data throughout the system - no more mad scrambles to find 'that email' or 'that attachment'

Start forging better customer relationships today free for 14 days with ProsperWorks risk-free trial.

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