Google Contacts Manager

Sync Google and CRM Contacts Easily in ProsperWorks Contacts Manager

Our #1 most requested feature is a two-way sync between Google Contacts and ProsperWorks CRM. Luckily, we provide easy, two-way syncing between contacts in these two systems. Seamlessly use both apps to manage your contacts and no longer spend time or energy worrying if you are looking at the most updated version of your contact data.

ProsperWorks ensures you'll always be in sync. Setup is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. Effortlessly connect with your Google contacts to analyze recent conversations and meetings you’ve had. Our CRM automatically finds suggested contacts and make it easy to quickly categorize and add to your contact list. You will never miss an important contact and you will save hours keeping their information up to date.

When you use ProsperWorks and Google Apps:

  • Changes you make in ProsperWorks will be updated in Google Contacts
  • Changes you make to your Google contacts will automatically sync back to ProsperWorks
  • You will always be sure the phone number and details for your customer is the most current
Sign up for ProsperWorks today to keep all your Google and CRM contacts always in sync. It's a beautiful thing.

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