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How do you stay upbeat in sales? Even little things can help improve your outlook, better understand and drive the pipeline, and prioritize sales opportunities. With a Google Customer Relationship Management driven solution from ProsperWorks, get comprehensive, centralized visibility and gain a better sense of how to help your team get deals across the finish line.

In addition to striving for a better CRM to encompass all parts of the sales process — prospecting, relationship building, qualifying, marketing strategy, follow-up, even working remotely – we purpose-built ProsperWorks for tight integration with G Suite.

One way to stay upbeat in your sales process is to avoid learning complicated, new processes. By eliminating that strain and providing sales reps intuitive, new solutions using the G Suite apps they already use in daily workflow, all things data moves to automation. Freeing the rep and using accumulated data gives a strong, organized foundation to make better, more meaningful relationships, accelerating the sales process and driving revenue.

When Google announced us as the CRM recommended and used by the Google Apps team, we were ecstatic and it drove us to develop a better perspective as an end user. This means you:

  • Receive better sales management solutions with seamless integration with the entire Google suite ecosystem
  • Work with your CRM without leaving Gmail – with the Chrome extension plug-in work straight from your inbox
  • Have powerful, robust, and intuitive visual reports - to better target existing customers and identify new leads

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