Google Project Management Software

ProsperWorks and Google: Pushing Project Management Software Further

Improve productivity and boost communication between team members with an integrated Google project management software system. Communication doesn’t have to be challenging and time-consuming when everyone involved has a single source of easily accessible truth wherever and whenever they need it.

ProsperWorks knows customers are far more informed and in tune with their needs than ever before. Today’s technology-driven business world has offered more options for each member of a project to provide real-time input and make changes from one single interface. This results in faster turnaround, happier customers, more referrals, and increased sales.As the recommended CRM for Google, you can push project management software further to achieve better:

  • Insight ­- to pinpoint and address problem areas within a project, so it can quickly get back on track
  • Customer service - allows projects to take off quicker and improves relationships
  • Cost Control - set and monitor budgets in real time
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