Online Contact Management System

Building An Online Contact Management System Your Team Loves to Use

What happens when you set out to create an online contact management system designed for one of the biggest and most valuable companies in the world? Well, stress, panic – we can't lie. But we were both elated and surprised when Google chose lil’ ol’ us as their very own CRM and their most recommended for others. What a huge responsibility.

Our whopper of a customer is now also our end user. We knew we must stay innovative and vigilant in our goal of successful contact management. Our mission, however, was to help companies leverage G Suite apps through a system that worked across departments to enable growing businesses to think collaboratively for better customer service. Mission accomplished.

ProsperWorks is the CRM solution for everyone from solopreneurs to enterprises because we:

  • Integrate with your companies' existing systems like Marketing, HR, and Accounting – everyone is on the same page for a collaborative environment that works towards better customer relationships
  • Get data organized and centralized in a matter of minutes – everyone can use their favorite Google apps for Work in the current workflow like Gmail, Sheets, Calendar, Docs, Slides, drive, and more
  • Promote a cross-device experience with the strictest industry standards and Google’s standards
  • Give you advanced, customized dashboards, reports, charts, and graphs – critical in determining forecasts, strategies, and future goals for revenue health

Give us a whirl today. Read today’s download for a few tips of creating a successful sales team.

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