Pipeline Report

Deliver a Pipeline Report that Leads to Actionable Results

An efficient sales pipeline should be a well-oiled machine that moves prospects through all stages of the buying process without major hiccups or problems. Sales reps and managers know this is not always a reality as it takes an effective CRM to help deliver an actionable pipeline report. ProsperWorks is that effective, cloud-based CRM tool that gives users a complete view of their pipelines.

ProsperWorks was built with three basic principles in mind, keep it simple, show what matters, and make it actionable. We’ve done that by seamlessly integrating with the entire Google Apps Suite, eliminating painful data entry, and automating time-consuming tasks. A reliable pipeline report is the difference between success and failure that should demonstrate:

  • Your open and closed opportunities
  • Summary reports and projection reports that allow you to see an overview of your pipelines and visualize the value of your future and current opportunities
  • By owner and by source reports that helps you identify how your opportunities are performing

ProsperWorks enables sales managers and reps to improve how they manage their team and workflows so they can make better business decisions and accelerate sales with insights from reliable customer data. Download our playbook today to learn more.