Pipeline Tools

Gain Insight into Your Leaky Funnel with Pipeline Tools Designed for Better Processes

The single biggest reason for lost opportunity in pipeline development is leakage. The second biggest problem in pipeline development is pursuing unqualified leads or leads that can’t be converted. The qualified leads get buried with the unqualified leads and slip between the cracks. All can be avoided by a finding the leak and setting forth clearly defined sales processes. The right pipeline tools can lead to better meaningful relationships with clients and leads and makes for a healthier pipeline.

Successful sales teams must have firm knowledge of the pipeline - including inflow, outflow, stagnation, movement, and velocity. ProsperWorks strives to provide you insights that even with small adjustments, can yield substantive changes to better revenue. More importantly, it provides a platform that seamlessly integrates with your current workflow. No lost time learning complicated processes or double tasking to get the data you need. Simple, clear and true visualization with the right pipeline tools to identify, track, and optimize better opportunities and more sales leads.

ProsperWorks CRM will give you:

  • The ability to export from any dataset to Google Sheets to create advanced dashboards, graphs, reports, and charts
  • Vigorous security standards and a seamless cross-device experience built on Google's powerful material design principles
  • Seamless integration using the entire Google Apps ecosystem – Gmail, Drive, Docs, Calendar, and more. As easy to access as your inbox

Learn today if your pipeline will help elevate business this quarter or leave you in the red. Try the #1 CRM recommended and used by Google themselves – free for 14-days.