Sale Management System

Be Better Prepared for Today's Buyer with a Sales Management System Designed for a Competitive Market

Salespeople are confronting a far more educated buyer than ever before in today’s competitive market. Buyers are learning a considerable amount about a product or service before that first contact with a salesperson. Learning to be rapidly responsive to the buyers in ways that are meaningful and motivational are key to a successful sale management system.

ProsperWorks developed a CRM that motivates your salespeople to sell and strengthens their effect on today's buyer. Data is a vital element in the sales-buyer relationship. Focusing on quality collection, aggregation, and analysis of your most useful data is crucial in seeing inside why sales were won or lost, where they stalled in the sales process, the quality of the leads you’re attracting, and how to convert opportunities.

ProsperWorks is the #1 most recommended CRM tool for precision management of a sales team as it offers:

  • Zero learn time and touchless automation of data collection – eliminating painful data entry.
  • Seamless integration with existing workflows – using all your teams favorite Google apps like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, and more
  • Customized advanced dashboards, reports, graphs, and charts - showing critical actionable data in determining strategies, forecasts, and insights

Make your teams prepared before every contact with a buyer with a sale management system designed to make sales reps stronger and more effective. Learn 3 new tips for building your most successful sales team yet in today’s download.