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Create a Sales Activity Report that Delivers Accurate Answers to Drive Your Business Forward

The importance of an accurate sales activity report goes way past month-end statements and recognizing top sales reps. Data-driven reports are an important driver to productivity. However, inaccurate data weakens the very foundation of its primary use, making it impossible to learn which activities deliver the best results and which are hindering success.

One of the primary focuses at ProsperWorks was to ensure that the metrics weighed for reports were accurate. By instituting a zero-touch feature, you will no longer rely on data that has been entered manually. Auto-updating allows metrics to not be based entirely of missing, incorrect, or out-of-date information that can be a result of human error.

ProsperWorks provides sales activity reports that accurately show what business activities are profitable, where new processes have to be implemented, and what campaigns and strategies are working. These are important factors that affect the bottom line and can really define where action needs to be placed. By setting out to seismically change the CRM industry, ProsperWorks also created a CRM strategy platform that:

  • Gives visibility into your sales funnel - Determine which prospects need to be qualified, anticipate current customers needs, and improve everyone's experiences efficiently
  • Eliminates the complexity to organize, view, and maintain meaningful relationships - scales from sales teams of 1 to Fortune 500 enterprises
  • Offers complete and seamless integration with existing workflows and your favorite G Suite apps - like Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Drive, and more
  • Turns intuitive insights and leads into opportunities – Sees which contacts need the human touch, crucial communication, or adjustments to the current course to drive deals home
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