Sales Analysis

Surpass Your Goals with CRM Sales Analysis

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?  How are we tracking towards our sales goals and what does our pipeline look like? Where is my team now and what do we need to do to be successful? How are individual reps performing against our top performers? You need good data to act on and to provide your team with the tools they need to enable and ensure their success. 

At ProsperWorks, we offer an accelerator toolset to equip managers with the tools they need to deliver on their sales goals. We provide everything you need to quickly meet and surpass your goals. Your ProsperWorks' Sales Dashboard is like a scorecard that tells you how your team is doing toward those goals. Easy-to-utilize visuals allow you to check on the health of your pipeline, conversion rates, average sales cycles, win rates and see exactly what activities are working so you know how to coach your reps to success. 

With the ProsperWorks' Today Dashboard: 

  • Increase productivity –Visibility around how people are doing creates a friendly, competitive environment
  • Clearly Understand Where Leads are Coming From – which activities and lead sources are driving the most pipeline
  • Promote Better Time Management – receive a summary of your daily schedule, urgent tasks, follow up and events 
  • Efficiently Hit Your Goals –  setting goals and keeping tabs on progress along the way is essential

ProsperWorks enables your sales team by showing them the data they need to succeed. We make it actionable with insights that will help you make better decisions.Things move fast here at ProsperWorks, and with our Accelerator Suite, you can move fast, too - start with a free trial, today!