Sales CRM for Google

Integrate the Most Powerful Sales CRM for Google Apps Available Today

Intuitive solutions help users make better decisions. Consider implementing a killer sales CRM for Google that streamlines that solution and combines it with both the most powerful cloud-based, cross-platform CRM features available today but also seamlessly integrates with the Google Apps you already use.

ProsperWorks was born to be the CRM that teams love to use. With a practical and clear user-interface it provides a platform that simple to use, familiar, seamlessly integrates with your current workflow, and was designed to advance communication, collaboration, and productivity across work teams. Plus, ProsperWorks is the only CRM built for Google Apps, recommended by Google, and used by Google.

With more time and better efficiency, ProsperWorks gets your team focusing on :

  • The actions that drive deals to close
  • Differentiating between the good, the smart, and the ideal leads
  • Analytics and reports showing detailed metrics about your team's performance and your customers' life cycle

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