Sales Management App

Here's Your Answer to - is There a Sales Management App for That?

Although the ever-expanding digital revolution offers salespeople much more than simple contact management, there's this lingering little nagging voice that asks “Are our reps working to their full potential”? Is there a sales management app for that?

Sales reps are fully mobile now. Are they using the right knowledge to understand and drive the pipeline? Are they representing your company in the best light and with the best practices? Most importantly, are they developing and nurturing relationships that will bring the revenue now and down the road? 

Many sales organizations have not yet extended their mobility to a CRM solution to meet their needs. Here’s where ProsperWorks comes in. Born in the cloud and built on mobility, accessibility, intuitive insights and eliminating the hassle of learning new processes – we created a CRM solution as easy to use as Gmail. With tight integration with all things G Suite, we have become the #1 most recommended CRM by Google and the one the communications giant chose for themselves.

With ProsperWorks as your go-to sales management app:

  • Get visibility into what your sales team is doing so you can coach them to success
  • Plan and forecast your business with great reports
  • Improve prospect relationships to meaningful and nurtured customers
  • Gain intuitive insights - determine which deals and reps are lucrative and which ones are siphoning your budget with no results
  • Establish a repeatable sales process your team can follow

Get started today – risk-free for 14-days and get started and set up in a matter of minutes. Wow! There is an app for that!