Sales Management Application

Gain a Better Perspective with a Sales Management Application Built for Google Apps

An efficient sales pipeline is a well-oiled machine that moves prospects through all stages of the buying process without major hiccups or problems. It’s often a lofty goal that practical applications fail to meet. However, rest assured that all is not lost - in fact, a seamless sales management application system can be created and maintained. The first step is to get a better perspective of your customers' needs and stop juggling between your email and your CRM.

An efficient sales pipeline is quite simply the lifeblood of the company. Without a properly functioning sales pipeline, companies waste time and energy trying to move opportunities around obstacles and over gaps in processes. ProsperWorks CRM paves the foundation for a functional and manageable sales management application process by seamlessly integrating with the Google apps you already utilize in your everyday workflow – eliminating the juggling and complicated new processes to learn. By working directly from your inbox, gain a better perspective of your customers' needs,  identify and accurately label prospective clients and customers, as well as manage the process and pipeline data to establish your sales processes.

With the #1 CRM used by and recommended by Google themselves:

  • Focus on the customer and gaining competitive advantage – eliminating painful data entry with zero-touch automation
  • Provide a unified experience – by seamlessly integrating with the whole Google Apps ecosystem across the apps your team uses everyday like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Docs, among others
  • Deliver accurate business data for visual reporting and analytics - keeping track of sales performance and forecasts that predict accurate information on future revenue and visibility

Try ProsperWorks free for 14 days to learn how to set up a clear, logical sales pipeline that accurately reflects your company’s unique buyer stages for a functional and manageable sales process.