Sales Management Programs

You Always have Choices - Question Your Sales Management Programs about the Intelligence You are Receiving

Have you really invested in the health of your sales pipeline? Have you looked at the future of your sales, understand your pipeline, and prioritized sales opportunities? Have you provided the tools to your teams to rapidly sift through mounds of information to uncover salient, relative nuggets that can be used in a communications strategy? Do your sales management programs really delve into what’s currently going on in the buyer’s business? Where’s the industry headed? What do the business financials tell you? Who are the key people on the purchase decision?

Most successful sales professionals are more than happy to make use of sales intelligence as long as they get it in the format that's most accessible and useful to them. Many sales organizations have created a portal or intranet system to house information that could be key to closing deals. It's a good step, but most good sales reps don't have time to weed through a long report or hundreds of links to find what they need.

As the #1 CRM endorsed, recommended, and used by Google, ProsperWorks can:

  • Eliminate the needs for reps to go to numerous sources to compile the information they need to do their jobs well and resolving poorly distributed, vital information across the organization
  • Identify overdue activity and stalled opportunities - ease of information and data discovery is a key metric for sales-intelligence success
  • Work remotely in the field from any device - straight from reps inbox and with seamless integration with their favorite Google Apps
  • Instantly provide better knowledge to develop, nurture and win relationships through the your pipeline.
  • Plan and forecast your business with intuitive reports - determine which deals and reps are lucrative and which ones are siphoning your budget with no results

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