Sales Management Reports

Make a Strong Staff and Sales Processes With Sales Management Reports

A good manager knows that the sales team can make or break a company in today's competitive business environment. Insightful sales management reports can be instrumental in keeping the sales process and the cash flow moving. Using ProsperWorks CRM to intelligently guide your sales professionals and optimize your sales force automation system can be a critical part in helping you manage and oversee the success of the sales team - and essentially the whole company.

Arguably, the most important part of the sales process is accurate sales management reports. Reports provide insight into how well your sales teams or individual reps are performing, tracking areas of weakness, and gaining direction and assistance in managing your business. More importantly, a good report will reveal what improvements can be made to coach and increase individual or overall success of the team or business.

With ProsperWorks as your CRM, see the benefits of:

  • Sales Reports - providing a summary of closed (won, lost or abandoned) opportunities
  • Sales Forecast Reports and Sales History Reports - pulling visuals to your past, present and future sales values
  • Sales By Owner, Source, and Loss Reasons Reports -  that provide you powerful insights into what is driving or slowing sales

Get the most robust sales reports from the #1 CRM recommended and used by the collaborative data giant, Google themselves – get started today free for 14-days.