Sales Pipeline Management

Build a Better Sales Pipeline Management Process 

The key to sale pipeline management success is that the more you are in control of your sales pipeline, the more likely you are to increase revenue. Not identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your sales process results in making wrong assumptions, taking incorrect actions and choosing wrong strategies all together. If you spend hours every week on administration and reporting, you are missing out on productivity and losing the chance to work on what really matters most – moving your sales forward.

Renew your focus on contact management and relationship development with the sales pipeline management tool that can provide the difference between merely surviving - and thriving. In today's competitive business world it has become more crucial than ever to have a CRM in place.  ProsperWorks designed its CRM platform with simplicity to integrate seamlessly with tools you already use everyday for better visualization of each customer and opportunity to be managed, organized, and developed – all without any new complicated processes to learn.

Start better identifying your priorities and recognizing patterns most valuable to your business with a CRM that can:

  • Integrate directly with Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Calendar -  and the rest of the Google Apps suite
  • Scale to your business - vital to boosting sales performance for any size of operation, no matter the industry, regardless if you are a small business or a Fortune 500 enterprise
  • Provide in-depth visual reports and graphs with true metrics about deals in the pipeline, sales stages, daily revenue, and more. Use dashboards to identify bottlenecks in your sales process and see the areas for potential growth

Get started today – with your 14-day free trial and learn how ProsperWorks could mean the difference to building a better sales pipeline management process, or losing revenue to your competitor.