Sales Pipeline Report

The Difference Between a Sales Pipeline Report that Gets You Thriving - or Merely Surviving

Have you asked yourself if your sales pipeline reports understand your business and how to effectively monitor it? Do you know if the reports you are generating are up-to-date, providing relevant knowledge, or are developing actionable recommendations to push your sales efforts forward? What exactly are your reports identifying?

When sales are the lifeblood of your business you must have sales pipeline reports that maximize and centralize the data you need to make critical and crucial decisions to drive revenue. Incomplete, inaccurate, or complex CRM reports with questionable insights will only keep you surviving – not thriving. ProsperWorks designed their platform to develop CRM reports with the ability to provide dependable insights with 360°  views of your customers, contacts, leads, accounts, and new opportunities - to keep you synced and linked. Plus, by utilizing the tools provided in the entire Google apps portfolio, there are no new complicated processes to learn. As easy to use as Gmail.

As the #1 recommended CRM by Google and the CRM the communications giant uses themselves, ProsperWorks can offer you reports that:

  • Remove bottlenecks and gain insights to adjust course and grow your revenue
  • View deals - open, won or lost and the reasons behind the results
  • Develop accurate visualizations into the sales data reps need to close better, faster sales

Start today, risk-free for 14 days, and see how effective a better sales pipeline report can be for growing your business.