Sales Rep Tracking

Get Sales Rep Tracking Designed for Better Efficiency of Your Sales Force

Turn the time-consuming tasks of sales rep tracking into an effective tracking & monitoring solution that enables sales reps with tools designed to focus on what they do best – selling. There are only so many calls a sales rep can make in a day, making it absolutely critical that the calls they do make have the most impact and make the most progress.

ProsperWorks CRM delivers comprehensive insights that drive productivity and ultimately improve customer relationships and conversion. By identifying, tracking, and optimizing sales contacts as a Google for Work Partner, we help companies drive innovation and realize their full sales potential. ProsperWorks solves the sales challenges facing growing businesses by offering a zero-input, fully functional, cross-device, and auto-populated CRM that is synced with Gmail, Calendar, Tasks, Events, Drive, Docs, while eliminating the burden of complicated installations, lengthy training sessions, and inefficient data entry.

Reap the benefits of the #1 Google recommended CRM and the choice one of the most valuable companies in the world chose for themselves, and receive:

  • The value of entire enterprise customer data in one place by integrating with your existing systems - like Accounting, HR, Marketing, and native integrations and API – like Mailchimp, Dropbox, and more
  • Precise business data for visual reporting and analytics – for sales rep tracking, sales performance and forecasts that predict accurate information on future revenue and visibility
  • The highest data security standard the industry can offer to protect your customer data and maintain your privacy

Take your sales rep tracking to the next level and download our tips on managing a successful sales team today.