Sales Report Example

CRM Provides Better Sales Reports

We all wish we had a crystal ball for our business, but until that dream becomes a reality, we will have to rely on actionable sales reports.  You need to be able to easily compare and analyze to predict your business performance over time.  That is where ProsperWorks' CRM comes in. 

ProsperWorks Reporting Suite delivers actionable business insights from your customer data. Different types of reports such as Pipeline Reports, Sales Reports, and Activity Reports enable you to track and improve sales performance, identify critical business issues and make better decisions so you can optimize your sales processes.

  • Sales Reports provide a summary of closed (won, lost or abandoned) opportunities
  • Sales Forecast Report and Sales History Report pull in your past, present and future sales values 
  • Sales By Owner, Source, and Loss Reasons Reports provide you powerful insights into what are driving or slowing sales

From data entry to task management, automate your sales process with Prosperworks, so you can focus on growing your business. Download our complimentary CRM Playbook today.