Sales Team Software

Establishing Successful Sales Teams with Software Designed for Intelligence

In a sales team, success is the sum of its parts. One star performer can't carry the weight alone. Most successful sales professionals are happy to make use of sales team software intelligence – when made easily accessible and useful to them. Raising the effectiveness of average performers and maintaining peak performance in lucrative sales superstars is key to creating a truly powerful sales team.

By removing the time to research prospective clients, gain information to qualify new leads, and sift through mountains of information to identify overdue accounts in need of nurturing – you free up more time to concentrate on how each member contributes to the success of the entire team and company. With ProsperWorks as your CRM and it’s seamless integration with all things Google Apps, the key and relevant information about prospects are brought to the forefront to better target existing customers and identify new leads. When you provide the information, training, and motivation salespeople need, the team will be on its way to meeting the goals set.

ProsperWorks built sales team software endorsed, recommended, and used by Google to offer you a CRM that:

  • Will eliminate the needs for reps to go to numerous sources to compile the information they need to do their jobs well and provide relevant information key to meaningful nurtured relationships
  • Centralizes knowledge, activity, pipeline delays, and stalled opportunities for real-time better intelligence and mobile access from any device
  • Requires no learning time and seamless integration with the entire Google apps suite – Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Slides, and more

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