Simple CRM

How a Powerful CRM can also be a Simple CRM

A simple CRM doesn’t have to mean a less powerful or only designed for small business. It should merely not bog you down with learning complicated new processes, while providing an easier way to access and uncover prospects to feed your pipeline. Simple should mean you can prepare more effectively, ask more intelligent questions, and focus on real synergies with each and every client.

Regardless if you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, ProsperWorks scales itself to your needs and grows with you and the business. A powerful CRM, simplifies the process of research time while harnessing intuitive data to deliver contacts, customers, leads, and a level of insight that was previously impossible to attain. More time for nurtured relationships and qualifying leads means more sales pushed through the funnel – faster.

Along with being simple to use, ProsperWorks CRM offers huge benefits like:

  • Google's choice for the #1 most recommended CRM, and the one the communications giant chose for themselves.
  • Streamlining cycle times with a sales platform that reduces waste and inconsistency – no double tasking. Integrate with Gmail, Docs, Drive and all things Google ecosystem.
  • Unprecedented insights on rep performance and progress, deal profitability, pipeline velocity, and more.

Survive or thrive? Start your risk-free ProsperWorks journey today.