Small Business CRM

Generate Leads and Drive Sales with Small Business CRM

Most customer relationship management (CRM) systems are designed with the enterprise in mind;  companies with large IT departments and huge budgets. However, small businesses do not have the resources available to manage a complicated CRM. ProsperWorks offers a CRM to meet your needs because we understand your small business concerns and the challenges that come with running it.

ProsperWorks was built with three basic principles in mind: Keep it simple. Show what matters. Make it actionable. Our seamless integration with the full suite of Google Apps provides users a unified experience and helps you identify, track, and optimize sales contacts and opportunities, all from within your Gmail inbox. We help sales managers and reps improve how they manage their team and workflows so they can make better business decisions to generate leads and accelerate sales with:

  • Zero-Input - automatically leverages information from your email, calendar, Linkedin, Facebook, and more to ensure completeness of the record and keep your contact information up-to-date with the latest activity
  • Seamless Integrations - create robust workflows that connect ProsperWorks with all of your favorite applications
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Suite - view and update contacts and opportunities from anywhere on any device
  • Heavyweight Security - meets the highest standard the industry can offer to protect customer data and maintain privacy

Our powerful integration with Google Apps, robust security, and seamless cross-device experience have made ProsperWorks the leading small business CRM. Download our Playbook today and see why we are the only CRM recommended by Google.